Dough Ingredients

Original Dough

Our dough recipe was formulated in house, with love. There is no empanada recipe out there quite like ours!! From the get-go, it was understood that in order to create quality empanadas, it all starts with the dough. How could we make delicious empanadas aligned with our core values, without fresh dough to match!? All of the empanada dough available for purchase is made with shortening, hydrogenated oil, and tons of preservatives: all of which goes heavily against everything we stand for. Our empanada dough is made with Italian 00 flour (which I lovingly refer to as pixie dust because of its fine composition and ease of use!). Italian flour isn’t sprayed with round-up which is a huge benefit to our digestive system!! We also use real eggs in our recipe, whose protein takes our recipe’s texture and flavor to the next level. Lard is used in the traditional Argentine Empanada dough, but we opted out of this ingredient and chose to stick with non-hydrogenated canola oil instead. We make hundreds of pounds of fresh dough every single week as part of our dedication to bringing you the best quality empanadas!!

Ingredients: Italian 00 flour, Canola Oil, Eggs, Filtered Water, Salt

Vegan Dough

The vegan empanada dough was the most important creation in the birth of the vegan line. It was a long process of trial and error to remove the egg element from our original dough and balance out new proportions in order to create a vegan dough that is equally as delicious as the original…and I did it!! This vegan dough has the flavor and texture of our original dough, which is based off of traditional Argentine empanada dough. Fresh dough is really such an important aspect of empanadas and we’re so proud to be able to offer it as part of our food composition.

Ingredients: Italian 00 flour, Sunflower Oil, Filtered Water, Salt